Transferring between terminals at the International Airport SYD

As you already know by now, there are three terminals at the Sydney Airport. Each terminal accommodates for certain passengers. This distribution is meant to keep this rather large airport organized and free of traffic.

The first one handles the majority of the international flights at the SYD. On the other hand, the second and third ones each handle a portion of the regional flights.

It is also important to note that the second terminal is a hub for Virgin Australia, while the third terminal is a hub for Qantas Airlines.

And since this airport is one of the biggest in the region, getting around the terminals, as well as from one terminal to another, may seem intimidating at first. But the layout is actually much simpler than one might think.

It is crucial to get acquainted with the layout of the establishment and to understand how you can get between terminals. This saves some valuable time before your flight, and it can be of particular importance if you are in transit in Sydney Airport.

The walking option

The domestic terminals, usually referred to as the second and third terminals, are close to one another. Passengers may easily walk from one terminal to the next in less than 10 minutes thanks to their proximity.

However, to transfer from Sydney international to domestic is another matter entirely. The first terminal, also referred to as the international one, is separated from the domestic terminals by a significant distance. As a result, it is impossible to simply stroll between them. Choose one of the other choices on the following list as an alternative.

The link train option

This is an excellent option for Sydney Airport transfer domestic to international, or back. What makes this option such a great one is that you can get to the terminal of your choice is in a couple of minutes.

The cost per ticket is 8.60 AUD, and the train runs from 5:00 am every day till 00:00 am.

transering t2 sydney airport

  • The T-bus option

The T-bus specifically transfers people between the first and the second terminals.
The duration of each trip is around ten minutes, and the service is totally free of charge!
The Sydney Airport T bus timetable is simply that it runs every day from 5:30 am till 9:30 pm and picks up passengers every ten minutes or so.

  • The 420 bus option

The 420 bus also includes stops at more than one terminal at the Sydney Airport, making it a great option to transfer between terminals.
It goes from Sydney domestic to international and vice versa as it stops at the third and the first terminals.
This option is wonderful for many reasons, particularly that it is very affordable. One ticket costs 1.60 AUD during regular hours, and the same ticket costs 3.20 AUD during peak hours.

  • The taxi option

Taking a taxi between the terminals is also a valid option! It is definitely not the most economical option, however, as one trip may cost anywhere from 17.00 to 22.00 AUD.
Additionally, an average trip between terminals by taxi takes around ten minutes.