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Sydney Airport car rental returns

There are many car rental agencies at the airport to choose from. And each Sydney Airport car rental company has a lot to offer. The important thing is that you browse your options to find out which company has the best option for you!

It is advised that this is done prior to your arrival at the airport, so as to give you more time and comfort to view your options.

The majority of the companies are located at the first terminal, also known as the international terminal. To be more specific, the company desks can be found at the arrivals halls.
After settling everything that there is to settle with the agency, you are then directed to the car parking zone labeled as P7. Free shuttle buses are available to transport passengers to and from the P7 lot, and between terminals as well.

There are also some companies located in the arrivals’ level of the second and third terminals, also known as the domestic terminals.

Sydney Airport car rental returns

Sydney Airport car rental returns

To complete a car rental return at the Sydney Airport, you have to understand the policies and the exact return location of the company you are renting a vehicle from. Some companies expect the vehicle return in the international terminal, some at the Sydney Domestic Airport car rental return area, and some even choose other locations within the vicinity of the airport.

Please note all of the companies operating on the airport grounds offer free shuttle buses for their customers to transport them between the terminals they are at, or wish to go to, and the return locations.

Another point worth taking into consideration is that not all car rental agencies operate on a 24-hour basis. This means that the timing of your car return also has to match the opening hours of the agency.

This is why it is emphasized that checking all of the details of your options is a crucial step that should not be skipped. Learning about the guidelines and policies of companies ensures that the renting process goes as smoothly as possible.

The MSP rental car return policy states that, regardless of which terminal you rented your car from, you can return the car to the terminal of your choice.

Additionally, and while the operating hours of each company differ from one terminal to the next, they tend to accept returned cars on a 24/7 basis. Do discuss these details with your agency beforehand so that everything can be cleared up.