Terminals map Sydney airport

Terminals map Sydney airport

The Sydney Airport is visited by over forty million visitors each year. This is partly why the airport is divided into three major terminals, each with their own concourses.

Each of the Sydney terminals serves a particular function as they house certain airlines. For instance, the first terminal is considered the International Terminal Sydney Airport. This is because it mainly operates international flights and houses international airlines. The other two terminals also serve important functions in that they operate regional and domestic flights and serve hubs for Australia’s biggest airline companies.

Inter-terminal transportation

Inter-terminal transportation

Inter-terminal transportation is both possible and accessible. There are many options to choose from, and they include public buses, airport shuttles, taxis, and the Link Train.
The timings, fares, and durations of each option differ, and you simply have to choose the one that best fits your needs and wants. For example, the T-bus is completely free of charge, but takes around ten minutes. It also only transfers passengers between the first and the second terminals..

Meanwhile, the Link Train passes by all three terminals, and the average duration of each trip is around a couple of minutes. However, passengers are required to pay per ticket.
It is also worthy to note that the first terminal is located farther away from the second and the third terminals. This means that while walking is usually the preferred method of transferring between the second and the third terminal, it is not plausible between the first terminal and either of the other two.

The gates of the terminals at Sydney Airport

gates of the terminals at Sydney Airport

The Sydney terminals each have their own concourses. Each concourse has a set of gates that it houses, and the distribution is as follows:

  • The first terminal contains two concourses, B and C. The former houses the gates numbered 8 to 37, and the latter houses gates numbered 50 to 63;
  • The second terminal contains two concourses, A and B. The former houses gates numbered 31 to 48, and the latter houses gates numbered 49 to 59;
  • The third terminal contains all of its gates in the Departures Hall, and they range from gate one to gate nineteen.

Airlines at each of the Sydney terminals

As mentioned earlier, the terminals at the SYD each serve certain functions as they operate specific flights from particular airlines.
The first terminal is deemed the International Terminal Sydney Airport.

terminals at Sydney Airport

Some airlines operating at this terminal include:

  • Air India
  • Xiamen Airlines
  • The second terminal is the domestic airport terminal, and it is a hub for Virgin Australia.
  • Other airlines operating at this terminal include:
  • Japan Airlines (JAL)
  • Jetstar Airways
  • Link Airways

The third terminal is the Sydney Qantas Terminal, as it is the hub for Qantas Airlines. This terminal also mainly serves domestic and regional flights.

Other than Qantas Airlines, Emirates Airlines also occasionally operates from this terminal

Sydney Airport Terminals map

Sydney Airport Terminals map

Since this airport is, in fact, the largest in the region, it may be beneficial to get acquainted with its layout before visiting it. This helps in avoiding wasting any precious time.

To get a better idea of the layout of the terminals in the airport and how they are situated relative to one another, click here for a Sydney Airport Terminals map.

Services at the terminals

The host of restaurants, café’s, bars, and lounges at the Sydney terminals are truly impressive. But they’re not the only facilities that are available.

Terminals map Sydney airport

You can also look for the observation decks at your terminal, the Heritage Museum at Terminal 3, the prayer rooms at Terminal 1, and the children’s cinema at that same terminal!
Some other facilities include the medical center, the pharmacies, the showers, and the Lost and Found Offices amongst many more!

And don’t forget to check out the high-end stores and the Duty-Free stores for some last-minute shopping.