Departures Sydney airport

The SYD Airport operates nearly 17-24k flights monthly, traveling to more than 25 different countries on over 170 routes.

To accommodate all of these flights, the passengers are distributed to three distinct terminals. The Sydney international departures are handled at the first terminal. This terminal handles the majority of the flights that are traveling outside the borders of Australia.

The domestic departures Sydney Airport are handled at the second and the third terminals. The former is also the hub of Virgin Australia, and the second also happens to be the hub of Qantas Airlines.

These facts help you better plan your upcoming trip across the SYD.

Sydney Airport departures info

Sydney Airport departures info

Now that you have a pretty good idea of which terminal your designated check-in counter and gate will most likely be at, it helps to be familiar with the gates at each terminal. Some terminals consist of more than one concourse that house different gates.

The following is a clear breakdown of the layout:

T1 consists of concourse B and concourse C. Concourse B contains gates 8 to 37, and concourse C contains gates 50 to 63.

T2 consists of concourse A and concourse B. Concourse A contains gates 31 to 48, and concourse B contains gates 49 to 59.

In T3, on the other hand, all of the gates are housed in the departures hall. The gates in this terminal are gates 1 to 19.

Sydney Airport departures info

Drop-off locations for SYD departures

Drop-offs at each terminal generally happen at the departures’ levels. In the first terminal, this happens to be the second level. In the second terminal, the departures’ levels are the first and second floors. And in the third terminal, this level is on the first floor.

A designated area is allocated for drop-offs. Drivers of vehicles are asked to kindly remain in their cars to keep the zone from getting congested.

An accessible drop-off zone is also allocated in the same area of every terminal.

Things to do while you wait for your flight

If you’re waiting for your international flights departing Sydney Airport, there are plenty of things to do and experience while you wait!

Drop-off locations for SYD

To begin with, the plethora of restaurants, cafes and bars available at every floor of each terminal definitely deserve a visit. Look for your favorite fast-food chain or ethnic restaurant to enjoy a great pre-flight meal!

Once that is out of the way, you might spend the time doing some last-minute shopping at the many shops and Duty-Free stores.

For even more fun, look for the observation decks in the first and third terminals, the children’s museum in the first terminal, and the fantastic Heritage Museum in the third terminal.

Lost and Found Office

Lost property at the Sydney Airport can be retrieved at one of the two offices – the first is located in the first terminal, on the third floor, and the second is located in the second terminal, facing gate number 55.

To contact the lost property office, call them on 133 793.

For items lost at the third terminal, it is best to contact Qantas Airlines, as this company runs a hub at this terminal. They can be contacted at +61 2 9952 9312.

SYD airport departures

SYD airport departures

For more information on departures from Sydney Airport today, such as the precise terminal, gate number, departing time, and any other necessary information, click on this page here.

If you have an upcoming flight from the SYD, it is important to stay updated on the latest news concerning your trip!