Facilities and Services

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When you are at the Sydney Airport, you simply cannot miss out on the numerous restaurants and cafes that you can find there.

Anything can be found at the airport, from fast-food chains, health-conscious bakeries, and sweet shops, to ethnic restaurants, and cafes with prepackaged food.
You can also enjoy premium food at the buffets offered at the multitude of lounges found in every terminal!

Once your taste buds are satiated, look around the stores and get some last-minute shopping done! Don’t forget to check out the Duty-Free stores!

Convenient Sydney Airport services

Enjoying the restaurants, cafes, and bars, and wandering around the stores for a shopping spree are definitely fun activities. But there are definitely more facilities at the airport that are available to make your trip through the airport run a whole lot easier and smoother.

For instance, you have the Sydney Airport exchange offices the medical center at the first terminal, the multiple available pharmacies, the prayer rooms at the international terminal, as well as the free high-speed Wi-Fi.

Accessibility is important

Accessibility is a top priority for the establishment, and the following are a few examples of some of the measures taken to make sure that the airport is as accessible as possible to anyone who needs it:

  • If you or someone you are traveling with has a hidden disability, such as being on the Autism Spectrum, and you would like to make it known to staff members, you can pick-up a sunflower lanyard from designated areas at the first and second terminals. This lanyard makes sure that the trained staff are aware with the proper measures to take, if necessary.
  • Drinking fountains that are wheelchair accessible are available throughout the terminals.
  • Changing places and accessible bathrooms are also available across the terminals.
  • Pet relief zones, which are particularly useful for service animals.
  • Passengers with visual impairments are entitled to free services that will assist them in navigating the airport.
  • To inquire more about any of the above services, kindly contact the airport or your airlines directly.

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Sydney Airport lost baggage

  • Losing items is never fun. However, thankfully Sydney Airport lost property is usually found at one of the Lost and Found offices around the airport.
  • At the first terminal, head over to the third level to find the office. At the second terminal, you can find the office facing gate number fifty-five.
  • The Sydney Airport lost and found International Terminal and domestic Terminal 2 can be contacted at 133 793.
  • When it comes to the Lost and Found office at the third terminal, your best choice is to contact the airline company that mainly runs that terminal, Qantas Airlines, at +61 2 9952 9312.

Exclusive entertainment!

If you are in the mood for some less conventional fun, you can visit one of the following:

  • The children’s cinema, that is located at the first terminal;
  • The observation deck, one of which is located at the first terminal, and the other at the third terminal;
  • The Heritage Museum, located at the third terminal.

There is fun for everyone at the Sydney Airport!

If you are transiting at the Sydney Airport, or you just generally prefer staying as close as possible to the airport, then this option is for you! You possibly cannot get any closer to the airport than by staying at a hotel that is actually located inside one of the terminals of the airport!

Visit Aerotel Hotel at the first terminal and discover the affordable and convenient luxuries offered there. You even have the option of booking a room for as little as six hours! You are not bound to book it for the entire night.

Guests at the hotel also have access to the Plaza Premium Lounge!

Other hotels that are located within the premises of the airport include the Ibis Budget Sydney Airport, the Mantra Sydney Airport, and the Rydges Hotel.