Parking Sydney airport map

Parking sydney airport map

The Sydney Airport is made up of three distinct terminals, each serving certain airlines.

The first terminal operates the majority of the international flights at the airport. And so, if you are traveling to or coming from an international destination, then you are most likely to find yourself at the first terminal.

The second and third terminals operate regional and domestic flights. The former is mainly considered as a hub for Virgin Australia, while the latter is a hub for Qantas Airlines. This does not, however, exclude them from operating flights of other local airline companies.

The second and the third terminals are located in close proximity to one another. Therefore, the parking zones that are adjacent to them are grouped under one category – domestic parking. The first terminal, on the other hand, is located somewhat farther away. And thus, it has its own parking zones, labeled as international parking.

To better understand the layout of it all, it might help to check out the Sydney Airport map parking here.

This map better illustrates the locations of the parking zones in regard to their respective terminals. You can follow along with this map as you read on about the different parking zones of the terminals and the different Sydney Airport parking prices that you are set to encounter in each parking zone.

Parking zones near the first terminal

  • The P7 zone:

Parking zones p7 near the first terminal map

This zone is located within a walking distance of the first terminal. The Sydney International Airport parking rates P7 are 9.90 AUD for the initial half an hour, and 19.90 AUD for the initial hour.
The rate goes up to 29.90 AUD for the first hour or two, 39.90 AUD for the hour after that, and then a fixed rate of 65.90 AUD per 24 hours. The charge for every day after that is 63.90 AUD.

  • The P9 zone:

This zone is also within a walking distance from the first terminal. It is, however, situated slightly further away.
The first fifteen minutes are free of charge. After that, you are charged in the same exact way as you are charged for parking at the P7 zone.

Valet Parking at the International Terminal:

For the initial couple of hours, you are charged a fixed rate of 50.00 AUD. For the hour after that, the rate goes up to 62.00 AUD. After the three-hour mark, you pay 90.00 AUD for the initial full day, and 65.00 AUD for each day after that.

Parking zones near the second and third terminals

  • The P1/P2 zones:

Parking p1 p2 sydney airport map

These zones are just a walking distance from both the second and the third terminals.
The rates for the P1 parking Sydney Airport and the P2 parking Sydney Airport are the same, and they are as follows:
The initial half an hour costs 9.90 AUD, and the initial hour costs 19.90 AUD. The hour after that costs 29.90 AUD, and the hour after it costs you a total of 39.90 AUD. After the three-hour mark, your first full day at either of the parking zones costs 65.90 AUD, with an additional 63.90 AUD per each additional day after that.

  • The P3 zone:

The P3 zone parking sydney airport

This zone is also within walking distance to the second and the third terminals. However, it is situated slightly farther away than the P1 and P2 zones, as can be seen in the map attached above.

While the initial fifteen minutes at the P3 parking SYD Airport is totally free of charge, the charging rates after that are similar to those of the P1 and P2 zones.
The only difference is that, after the three-hour mark, the charge for parking at the P3 zone is 52.90 AUD. This charge applies to the full-day rate, and it is an additional 52.90 AUD for each day after that.

The Blu Emu zone:

Blu Emu zone syd airport map

This zone is not a walking distance from either the second or the third terminals. However, a shuttle bus is provided by the airport to transfer customers from the Blu Emu to the terminals. The great thing is that the shuttle bus is completely free of charge.

The Blu Emu is an ideal option for those who are looking to save some money on parking, as it is considered the most economical option, and who do not mind the shuttle bus ride to and from the airport.

The first hour at the Blu Emu is not charged. The two hours after that cost 25.00 AUD. After the three-hour mark, the price is 34.90 AUD. This rate applies for the full-day parking.
For each additional day after that, the rate is 15.00 AUD.