Terminal 3 map Sydney Airport

Terminal 3 map Sydney Airport SYD

The Sydney Airport has three terminals in total, each serving a particular purpose. Mainly, the first terminal operates international flights, while the second and the third terminals operate domestic and regional flights.

This distribution helps keep the traffic at each terminal at a minimum. This is extremely necessary as the airport is visited by over forty million passengers each and every year!

Sydney Airport Terminal 3

Sydney Airport Terminal 3

The Sydney Terminal 3 consists of three main floors. The first level is called the ground floor, and this is where the arriving passengers are welcomed. These passengers have access to passport control and baggage claim, as well as ground transportation, at this floor.

The next level is the first floor, which is the main level for all the departing passengers, and it is where they can find their check-in counters and gates.

The last level, the second floor, is home for the lounges and bars of the terminal.

Facilities at the Sydney Terminal 3

Facilities at the Sydney Terminal 3

Many services and facilities exist at this terminal that aim at ensuring you have everything you need to have a comfortable trip across the airport.

Some of these facilities include the wheelchair rental station, the free high-speed WiFi, the ATMs and currency exchange offices, and the post office.
You even have access to shower facilities at the airport.

Additionally, the Sydney Terminal 3 has the exclusive Heritage Museum that celebrates Qantas Airlines and all of its achievements for the past nearly hundred years.
For even more fun at the terminal, check out the observation deck and enjoy the enchanting view of the planes and jets coming and going.

Airlines at Sydney Airport Terminal 3

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Since the Sydney Airport is the largest in the region, it is a very important hub for some of Australia’s largest airline companies – Qantas Airlines and Virgin Australia.
Virgin Australia holds its hub at the second terminal, while Qantas Airlines holds its hub at the third terminal. This is why the latter terminal is sometimes deemed as the Qantas Terminal 3 Sydney.

Other than Qantas Airlines, the other major airline that also sometimes operates its flights at Sydney Terminal 3 is Emirates Airlines.

Traveling between terminals

The Sydney Airport offers many different options for traveling between terminals. These options include airport buses and public buses, taxis, walking, and more.
Walking is usually the preferred method of transportation taken by passengers transferring between the second and third terminals. This is mostly thanks to the close proximity of the terminals from one another.

However, the story is different when considering transferring between the first terminal and the second or third ones. This is because Terminal 1 is located somewhat farther away from the two, and choosing one of the other methods of transportation is your best choice in this situation.

Terminal 3 domestic Airport Sydney map

Terminal 3 domestic Airport Sydney map

In an airport as large and as crowded as the Sydney Airport, it is easy to possibly get overwhelmed with everything around, especially when there is so much to do and see at each terminal. This is why it helps to view detailed maps of the terminals in preparation for your trip through the SYD.

Click here to view a map of the arriving level at the Sydney Airport map T3, and click here to view a map of the departing level at the SYD.

These maps are very informative and they help outline the locations of important facilities at each floor.