Flights Sydney airport

Currently, the number of Sydney Airport flights that are operated monthly is somewhat around 24k. These flights travel to over twenty-five countries on board nearly 50 different airlines.

Flights SYD Airport

The country with the most flights Sydney Airport travels to, other than flights within Australia itself, is New Zealand.

New Zealand averages almost thirteen routes from the airport, meanwhile the United States comes as a close second, averaging at twelve routes.
Next up on the list, we have Indonesia and South Korea, both with seven routes each.

Flights Sydney airport

And not surprisingly, the airline companies who operate hubs at the Sydney Airport, as well as consider the airport as a focus city, run the most routes. Qantas Airlines tops the list with over fifty routes, and JetStar Airways, Virgin Airlines, and Regional Express follow.

Domestically speaking, the cities with the most flights to and from Sydney Airport are Melbourne, Birsbane, Gold Coast, and Canberra.

Internationally, the list starts with Auckland, New Zealand, followed by Singapore, Singapore, and then Nadi, in Fiji.

However, when measured by the number of passengers handled per year, the busiest international routes go to Singapore, Dubai, and Los Angeles. Domestically, the list does not change too much.

SYD flight status

SYD flight status

With an upcoming flight arriving at the SYD, you might be wondering whether the odds are stacked against you or not.

And while the following statistics may change depending on the season, the weather, and some other general factors, the following is an overall average:

  • 60.7% of flights are on time;
  • 34.5% of flights are late;
  • 0.6% of flights are very late;
  • And 4.1% of flights are cancelled.