Train Sydney International Airport SYD

With the abundance of transportation options at the airport that passengers can choose from, taking the train is surely becoming a fan favorite! Taking the train is not only incredibly comfortable and accessible, it is also affordable and convenient as it connects passengers with numerous locations across the city and the suburbs.

The best part is how promptly one can reach their destination using the train. A trip from Sydney Airport to train station in the city center, also known as the Central Station, takes, on average, a mere thirteen minutes!

Taking the train to Sydney International Airport from any point in the city is also a very popular option! If you choose to go down this route, make sure you hop on a train on the T8 Airport line.

The duration of each trip depends greatly on the destination. The fares also depend on the destination, as well as whether the trip is during peak hours or not.
Additionally, the price per ticket changes depending on the age of the person for whom the ticket is intended for.

Train sydney airport map

Train fares

As mentioned above, the cost of every ticket varies greatly based on many different factors. However, the following is a general range of the prices that one might expect:

  • The average price range for an adult ticket is between 18.39 and 20.60 AUD;
  • The average price range for a child’s ticket is between 15.41 and 16.50 AUD;
  • The average price for an inter-terminal ticket is around 8.60 AUD.
  • Please note that these prices are subject to change, and you might want to inquire about the costs prior to making your travel arrangements.
  • Also note that anyone between the ages of four and sixteen years of age is considered a child and is therefore eligible for a child’s ticket. Children under the age of four ride for free.
  • Payment can be done using the convenient Opal Card, but it can also be done using any debit or credit card of choice.

Train Station at Sydney Airport

The train station at Sydney Airport is at the ground transportation, which can be accessed from the arrivals’ level of the terminals. The train passes by every ten minutes on weekdays, and every twenty minutes of weekends and holidays.

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Train between terminals

It is also possible to use the train to connect between terminals at the airport. There are three distinct terminals, and each of them serves certain airlines. The first terminal operates international flights, the second terminal operates regional and domestic flights and is also the hub of Virgin Australia, and the third terminal also dedicated to serving regional and domestic flights, as well as run a hub for Qantas Airlines.

And while it is possible to walk between the two domestic terminals, the second and the third one, your best option for connecting with the first terminal is taking the train.
The train to Airport Sydney International Terminal takes just a couple of minutes.